The Office of Francophone Affairs

Historic Content, a Contemporary Experience

Commemorating 400 years of Francophonie in Ontario, the Office of Francophone Affairs retained CLD to update its Franco-Ontarian history exhibition.

In order to connect with and recognize the 611,500 Franco-Ontarians scattered across the province, a virtual exhibition was designed that would tour French communities throughout Ontario.

Using existing historical content, a new delivery method transformed a static brochure into an animated presentation. Focusing on the timeline that unfolds across the pages of the original print publication, CLD enhanced some graphical elements to highlight central points over the years of Franco-Ontarian history and bring the presentation to life.

Comprised of three units each containing four TV screens arranged vertically, the exhibition can be adapted to a variety of locations. Logistics presented a challenge, as selected sites throughout the province are overseen by individual community groups with limited resources and fixed schedules. Transportation, installation and disassembly of the structures that house the screens, as well as IT considerations, all needed to be coordinated and executed to make the exhibition a success.

The implementation of this project took ingenuity and resourcefulness. Obstacles were met and successfully overcome. The display is presently in Toronto, Ottawa and Windsor after having been seen in Penetanguishene, Orleans and Vanier. Future locations are currently under discussion.