TfT’s Season 2023-2024

Invigorate Your Content With Captivating Visuals and Typography

The Théâtre français de Toronto (TfT) has launched an exciting new visual platform for its 56th season in 2023-2024. The platform’s design is characterized by the intertwining of actors with typographical treatment, showcasing large display typefaces. This innovative visual approach also features intriguing elements where parts of the textual content are obscured by the overlapping silhouettes of actors in dynamic poses.

This creative choice embodies the thematic thread of the TfT’s new season, which focuses on journeys and discoveries. As stated, some journeys lead to the discovery of other people, while others lead to self-discovery. This concept of exploration and voyage is symbolically represented in the new visual platform through the merging of actors and typography.

The visual treatment can also be effortlessly tailored for
short animations that complement social media posts.