Cost, Quality and Time

You can only choose two.

I’d like to dive into a well-known principle in graphic design, often referred to as the “Project Management Triangle” or the “Iron Triangle.” This concept states that every project is governed by Cost, Quality, and Time constraints. The rule of thumb? You can only choose two.

Let’s break it down:
Cost and Quality: If you desire high-quality work with lower prices, you must be prepared to give the designer ample time to plan, execute, and refine the design.

Quality and Time: If you need a top-notch design quickly, you should expect the cost to rise. It takes resources to expedite quality work.

Time and Cost: If you’re looking for a swift solution within a tight budget, you may have to compromise on quality. Quick and cheap often means less attention to detail.

This principle isn’t about making sacrifices but understanding trade-offs. It’s about setting realistic expectations and understanding that excellent design results from a balance of these three elements.

So next time you initiate a design project, remember the trilemma of Cost, Quality, and Time. Evaluate your priorities and communicate them clearly with your designer. This understanding will create a successful collaboration and an end product that meets your needs.