AI Curator. A New Job Title?

AI Curator.
A New Job Title?

As a graphic designer and creative director, I’ve always been fascinated by how technology can enhance my work. I’ll never forget a design conference I attended in 2015 where a speaker asked a thought-provoking question: “What’s the biggest threat to our profession?” My immediate answer? “AI.” Little did I know just how right I was.

At first, I dipped my toe into AI to improve my writing skills and assist with translations. But as I explored further, I started experimenting with using AI to generate images and figuring out how to integrate them into my workflow.

One of the most incredible things I discovered on this AI journey is the power of prompts. For those unfamiliar, prompts are instructions given to AI to complete a specific task. As a designer and creative director, I’m used to providing guidance to collaborators, so this concept wasn’t totally foreign to me. But with AI, it feels more like being an art curator.

What blows my mind is how AI keeps learning and evolving based on its given prompts. The more specific and detailed the prompt, the better the outcome. Obviously, I’m not the only one exploring and experimenting with AI, given the 180 million subscribers for ChatGPT, this popular AI text-generating tool. It is impressive to see how many people are using AI and discovering new ways to tap into its capabilities.

AI has opened up a new world of possibilities and made me more adept at curating. I am excited to see where this technology will take me and how it will continue to shape the design industry. My future job title may need to be revised from Creative Director to AI Curator? Who knows? Only time will tell.