4 Simple Ways to Gain a New Perspective

Listen: Listen to what others have to say, how they see the world and the situation. You may be surprised at what you can learn, fostering a new perspective.

Question: When you are curious about the world around you and ask questions to understand things, you are automatically expanding your perspective.

Read: Reading is one of the most efficient and powerful ways to broaden your perspective. All reading is helpful, but if you only read your favorites and never beyond, you are hampering your perspective-building opportunities. Reading is one of the best things a person can do to help keep their mind sharp, widen their understanding, come up with new ideas, and see things from different perspectives.

Watch: What we choose to watch can broaden our perspectives, also. Always watch Sports, turn on the Food or the History Channel. If you have a favorite news channel, watch a different one for a week, you might see situations from a different vantage point. Even if you do not see things differently, at the very least, the exercise will provide an understanding of how others perceive the current world situations and that in itself is a learning experience.

We’re curious

Send us an email if you exercised any of the above suggestions and how/if it helped to change the way you see something/someone.